Graduate Classes

Third Parties in Domestic Conflicts, Spring 2017

International Organizations, Spring 2016 – syllabus

International Governance, Fall 2013 – syllabus

Undergraduate Classes

International Organizations, Fall 2015 – syllabus

International Democracy Promotion, Fall 2015 – syllabus

Comparative Legal Institutions, Spring 2012, TA to Henson

Introduction to Comparative Politics, Fall 2011, TA to Prof. Ringe

Introduction to International Relations, Head TA in Fall 2010, Spring 2010 to Prof. Pevehouse – syllabus


In addition to teaching, I am also committed to mentoring undergraduate students. Learning about research practices and ethics is an important part of the university experience. From 2012 to 2014 and again during academic year 2015-16, I have served as a research mentor for several undergraduates, introducing students to research design, hypothesis testing, and data collection.